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Euphoria is an extreme state of happiness.


Need to introduce something creative and memorable to your small group? We offer exciting and fun team building activities, and are happy to come to you!


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We are a creative community

offering a safe place

to express yourself through the arts.

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Our Mission

The mission of Euphoric Stage is to ignite a fire in the average person through the arts. We want to take hard working adults who are in a rut, and expose them to an art that will rejuvenate their soul. We want to be an outlet for young people, get them off the streets, and develop them as artists, so that they have a place to turn, and a family to grow with. We want to provide proper training to those seeking a career path in the arts, by additionally focusing on discipline and the importance of health as an artist.


We offer an assortment of acting, choreography, creative writing, music, and voice classes for all ages and levels. Please visit our Classes page for more information. More details will be posted on our

Calendar of Events page.

Calendar of Events

Aside from our classes, and private instruction, we have tours and workshops on relatable topics, as well as actively participating in our community through fundraisers, benefit concerts, and local events.  Certain members of our core team are available for speaking engagements upon request. If you’d like to book a speaking engagement, please contact us.

Private Instruction

We offer private instruction in acting, choreography, guitar, singing, songwriting, or any combination of these.  For more information, please email us at, and someone will be in touch with you.

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